• Highly Accurate & Reliable Result
    • Isotonic solution which have better sheathing and diluting of leucocytes
    • Improvised measurement of Blood cell components
    • Long shelf life and stability due to improved preservatives and free from any kind of impurities
    • Reagents are processed using quality assured chemical compounds under the strict
    • Supervision of our proficient professionals.


  • Assured Servicing Through Experts & Original Spare Parts
    • Qualified and Trained field support.
    • Technical as well as Application support.
    • Availability of new & original spare parts


  • Long Term Protection of Instrument & its Parts
    • Our reagents are specially designed for our instrument by all the way (i.e. Results, Tube Cleaning & Parts).
    • Provides Proteolytic Enzymes and Formaldehyde free cleaner which enhances the durability of Tubs, Valve & Counting Chamber
    • Proper cleaning is most crucial parts of hematology analyzer.



Quality Certificates Available for
NABL Certification on Request


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